Martin Goldie | L'écoute by Henri de Miller outside L’église Saint-Eustache in Paris, France.
Martin Goldie is a London based fashion and beauty photographer.

But if you want to read about his biography then let's start at the beginning.

Vancouver, Canada
It all began on the west coast of Canada growing up in Vancouver. While enrolled in a very academic international baccalaureate high school program Goldie was seduced away by photography and art.

Toronto, Canada
This brought him across the country to go to Ryerson University where he pursued his passion for photography and paid his dues studying at Ryerson, assisting many top photographers and beginning his own work. He has an extensive background in traditional (film based) photography but is also an early adopter of new technologies and so he jumped into the digital workflow early on. He spent a number of years based in Toronto with his own studio in downtown Toronto not far from both the Fashion District as well as the Art and Design District. But then suddenly that day came for him to pack up what he could fit in a few cases and leave for Europe.

Surprisingly it was not photography that brought him to Paris. Instead it was love. But that's a story for another time.
Paris will never be forgotten and it stands as a lesson in culture shock, bureaucracy and starving artist's syndrome. But it also provided a realisation of what the most important things in life are. Additionally it provided a new outlook with respect to beauty & food.

In 2012 Goldie officially became based in London as a freelance professional photographer. He is inspired by all the city has to offer as well as thrilled to be able to speak English again. Being of dual British/Canadian citizenship Goldie is available to work with UK/EEA based clients as well as Canadian ones. Goldie is inspired by fashion, beauty, design, style and human emotions.